Orlando Pagan - Artistic Director
Orlando V. Pagan began his training at the age of 13 with the Bronx Dance Theatre and later went on to study at the prestigious High School of Performing arts, Alvin Ailey School of Dance, School of American Ballet, and Jacobs Pillow.

As well as performing and touring with the Bronx Dance Theatre and the Windermere Ballet, he was later featured in the HBO produced 'Get Working', a video that promoted Summer Youth work programs. He was also part of the ensemble of dancers in an 'I love New York' commercial featuring Mikhail Baryshnykov.

After finding work in a few off-Broadway musical productions, Mr. Pagan studied Ukrainian Folk Dance and in 1987, became a soloist of the Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of NYC for thirteen years under the direction of Roma Pryma Bohachevsky. He was featured in such ballets as "Vohon", "Fight for Freedom", and "Ikona". The company has successfully toured regions of the U.S. and most notably, Ukraine.

In 1999, Mr. Pagan auditioned for and was accepted to become a member of Dance Theater of Harlem in NYC under the direction of Arthur Mitchell.There he performed in such repertoire as: "Return"; Soloist, "Concierto in F"; Demi soloist, "Medea"; Demi soloist, "South African Suite", "Dougla", "Firebird"; Corps. He has traveled all over the U.S. and abroad to perform and teach in countries such as Great Britain, Europe, Germany, China, and Austria and has worked with such dignitaries as Mark Morris, Peter Martens, Geoffrey Holder, Michael Smuin, and Desmond Richardson. He would later go on to guest in such companies as Obrij Folk Ensemble, Shore Ballet, and the Anglo-American Ballet Company.

In 2006, he became the Artistic Director of the Syzokryli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble and the Head Instructor for all schools under the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky foundation. He has held the position of Artistic Director of both Zoloty Promin School and Ensemble of Hartford, CT since 1995, and the Mriya School of Ukrainian Dance in Hempstead, L.I. 1998. He currently teaches for schools in Yonkers, NY, and Astoria Queens. He has also taught for the Dance Theatre of Harlem under the Artist Residency program, 'Dancing Through Barriers', teaching dance to children in the inner cities of NY, and all the major cities across the US. and England

Although never formally trained in music, Mr. Pagan has also had success in the music industry. His musical credits include co-writing ‘My Life (Through the Spirit in Your Eyes)’ for the film and soundtrack ‘Empire’ performed by Jon Secada. He co-wrote and performed the song ‘We’ll be Together’ for the film ‘Wrestling Earnest Hemmingway’ starring Robert Duvall. He also co-wrote the title track for the trailer ‘In the Deep South’ starring Jon Seda. Recently, he co-wrote the song ‘What if Every Day Were Christmas’, recorded by Pod Safe for Peace Artists as a way to raise money for UNICEF. It was featured on Adam Curry’s radio show The Daily Source Code and played across the country on the West Wood One Network.

He is a full member of both AGMA and ASCAP 

Larisa Pagan - Assistant Artistic Director to Syzokryli Dance Ensemble and Wardrobe Mistress
Originally from Syracuse, N.Y. , Larisa studied dance as a child in Syracuse, N.Y. then later moved to Arizona where she continued her studies in jazz, ballet, tap, and gymnastics. Thereafter she began a career as a professional model with the Leighton Model Agency.

Soon after, she spent her summers in Glen Spey, N.Y., and later in N.Y.C., studying Ukrainian Folk dance under the direction of Pryma Roma Bohavchevsky. She went on to became a soloist with Syzokryli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble in New York City, and with the Obrij Dance Ensemble. She has performed in places as varied as Ukraine, Disneyland, and Las Vegas. She has been an instructor/choreographer and costume couturier for groups in Hartford, CT, Syracuse, N.Y., Hempstead, L.I. and Lehighton, PA.

Larisa is currently the Assistant to the Artistic Director of Syzokryli, and Wardrobe mistress to the Syzokryli Ensemble and Summer Camps.

Ania Bohachevksy Lonkevych - Executive Director of Syzokryli, Director and Founder of the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Ukrainian Dance Foundation, Diector of the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Dance Academy Summer Workshop and Camps at Soyuzivka Heritage Center
Ania Bohachevksy Lonkevych began studying dance at an early age with her mother, Roma Pryma Bohachevsky. In 1978, Ms. Lonkevych became one of the original members of Syzokryli, and has performed extensively with the Ensemble, including their tour of Ukraine in 1992.In addition to performing she assisted her mother in various administrative tasks and duties. In 1978, she attended her first Workshop, and in the following years had the opportunity to take Master Classes with Valentina Pereyaslavec and John Taras. She has been involved with Ukrainian Dance Camps since their inception; as an assistant, instructor, choreographer and administrator. She has also taught at the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Schools of Dance in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. In 1987 and again in 1989, she traveled to Brazil to teach Ukrainian dance workshops.

Ms. Lonkevych graduated from State University of New York at Stony Brook with a BA in Political Science and English. She earned her Juris Doctor from NY Law School, and has worked as an attorney in New York and Philadelphia, Pa.

Since 2004, Ms. Lonkevych has served as Director of Dance Workshop and the Dance Camps. She co-founded the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Ukrainian Dance Foundation, and is dedicated to preserving and continuing her mother's vision and legacy.

Kristine Izak - Artistic Director of the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Dance Academy Summer Camps at Soyuzivka Heritage Center
Kristine Izak attended her first Dance Workshop in 1988, and in the early 90's was offered the opportunity to assist, teach and choreograph with Roma Pryma Bohachevsky. During that time, she also joined the Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, performing with them for sixteen years, including their tour of Ukraine in 1993. She earned her B.A. Summa cum laude in Dance from DeSales University, majoring in Choreography and Performance. For over 17 years she has taught at private dance schools in the Philadelphia area teaching intermediate through advanced levels in ballet, modern and jazz. She choreographs and stages over 30 new dances a year, including those at Workshop, in both Ukrainian dance and other dance forms.

Ms. Izak began studying ballet and modern dance at an early age, under Joeffrey Ballet dancer Delphine DelBello, and Ukrainian and Character Dance at the Voloshky Dance School in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1983, she was accepted into the Voloshky Dance Ensemble, where for 10 years she had the opportunity to study and perform the works of many well known Ukrainian dance choreographers. With the Ensemble, she studied Character Dance under Rumanian born Artistic Director, Andrew Pap, while continuing her modern dance and ballet training.

Ms. Izak is also Artistic Director of Ukrainian Dance Camps at Soyuzivka. For over 18 years she has taught at the camps, and choreographed an array of regional Ukrainian dances, ballet and lyrical works.

As an Advisor to the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Ukrianian Dance Foundation, she has had the honor and privilege of teaching many of Pani Roma's classic works to new generations. As an advisor to the Roma Pryma Bohachevsky Ukrainian Dance Foundation, she has had the honor and privilege of teaching many of Pani Roma's works to new generations. She is currently the Artistic Director of all camps, wardrobe and scenic designer, and former Assistant to the Artistic Director of Ukrainian Dance Workshop from 1994 - 2004, and Artistic Director of Ukrainian Dance Workshop from 2005 - 2007.

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